Monday, May 18, 2009

I Had An Epiphany!

I was on vacation a little over a week ago. I found myself trying to stay away from the computer and just getting back to normal real life things. The Internet has made things very impractical and has deteriorated human contact. The computer along with the Internet was designed to work for us and make our lives easier but in fact it has done the opposite. I for one love technology and what the computer has done for us. However I found myself really stepping back and wondering why there is such a need to be online. It seems to me that some of us have become addicted and can't go a day without checking emails or all the social groups that we are a part of. There is a fear of "I'm missing out on something" when that really isn't the case.
Life hasn't stopped while I was away from the computer. I found myself observing the great things that are around me. I cant lose site of what is really important in life. For me it is God, family, friends, work and so for the past week I found myself enjoying those things more. It was very rewarding having that interaction with others and just doing normal things like devotions/prayer, playing board games, watching movies, going out to the mall.
So this week is a new start for me. I will only spend x amount of hours on the computer per day and more so the ones that involve actual work, not play. I listened to a wonderful sermon yesterday that showed me how important it is to be connected to God and do his work. We are only here for such a short time and everyday that goes by I want to know that I did everything I could for God. I thought that by reading a devotion and having prayer time I was doing enough, I was so wrong. God only asks for us to follow him but it is up to us to take that first step and never feel that we are doing enough because there is always room for more.
God has lots in store for me to do and he has that for you as well. If you ever feel doubt or have confusing thoughts, turn to God and pray your heart out. God wants to have a relationship with you but you have to contact Him, God is always near by in fact right in front of you!
Until Next Time,
God Bless,
Tim C.

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