Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Projects

My wife and I are the creator of a certain website and it has seem to take on a mind of its own. So much has happened in just a few days that my wife and I just stopped and looked at eachother with this face of shock/happy just like this guy in the photo!

I am sorry if I left a disturbing image imprinted on your brain but I wanted you to really understand what I was feeling,lol. My wife and I are both entrepreneurs and have the same views on life and how it works. We are dedicated to helping others for nothing in return. That is where the idea came for our website. Well, we also have a bunch of other things going on which I wont shamelessly plug here,yet....haha.

My guidance/knowledge sharing is going to be this. Never put all your eggs in one basket. I am going to be very blunt, it is not smart. When you are taking on the life style of owning your own company you need to realize that even though the business has tons of potential now, it may not 5 years from now. For most of us when we decide to make that commitment of running our own company we are so focused on it that we claim to not have time for anything else (TIME MANAGEMENT) a previous post talks about that. It is very important to have multiple businesses going on because when one starts to slow down the other's will hopefully start to pick up. Sure you can get lucky and have that great idea that no one else thought of.....Good Luck.

Look at your business structure as a pyramid. Put a business at each point and the one that is doing the best will be at the top. When that one slows down and one of the other one's picks up rotate the pyramid to put that business at the top.

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  1. Hi Tim
    Congrats, I hope you and your wife's business goes great! That picture is pretty disturbing:) Its in my head and won't come out:)
    Have a great Monday


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