Friday, March 20, 2009

Real Traffic Strategy

So I was driving on the highway yesterday which is a normal thing for me to be doing. Not because I have a 9 - 5 job but because my several businesses require it and I live in Florida. Yes, that was a typical Floridian joke so for those of you out of Florida, be warned. Well I love metaphors and I am going to use one to teach you time management with how people drive on the highway. Should be fun to attempt this one.

Well as I was going down the road I started to pay attention to this one car and the driver made it real easy to pick him out of the rest of the cars passing me by. For fun we are going to call him Tony Stewart and for those of you who don't know who that is just google his name. Normal traffic on the highway for that time of day and it is a 4 lane highway just to give you a mental picture. I am in the fast lane doing about 10 miles per hour faster than the speed limit and here comes Tony right up my butt. I didn't really care because there wasn't anywhere I could go and I found it a bit amusing because he was obviously in a rush and he wasn't going anywhere either.

I took the more patient approach when dealing with this type of traffic and he took the more fast, get out of my way approach. He started to swerve into the other lanes to try and get around the traffic or at least maneuver himself in a better position. Once he was in the other lane you can guess what happen; that lane started to slow down which put him further back than if he would have stayed behind me. Without exaggerating this went on for a good 30 minutes, meanwhile I just stayed in the same lane waiting and looking ahead to see what the traffic was doing.

It payed off for me to stay relaxed and approach the traffic with a cool collective attitude. While Tony's approach was very aggressive and very unsuccessful. So this made me want to share with you on how to approach a business idea or a general task.

Look ahead and see where it is you want to be. Set a time frame for when you want the task to be complete. Put together a schedule that will lead to that task or business getting accomplished. Predict where certain obstacles may appear and have a plan b for how to handle them. As long as you have a goal in place and you don't take on a million things at once you will achieve that goal at the time you wanted to. Don't be like Tony and just rush into things and have no time management of how to get there. Every time he moved one car forward he would end up two cars behind.
Be Focused
Be Consistent
Be Patient

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