Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Put your Website or Blog on the Map in under 5 minutes!

So you just created a website or a blog and not quite sure how to let people know about it. Well I have used a couple of real easy ways that are FREE, yep, once again I have found a free way to do marketing. The idea behind this is you are going to not sit around and wait to be found but instead, you are going to let them know you are there and ready to show the world. So you need to visit all those links below and submit your website or blog along with a brief description of your site.

Now pingler is geared towards bloggers so if that is what you have than after you post something on your blog go ahead and let pingler know about it. The same process as the rest but this time you can give the subject title of what you used for your blog post. Do this every time you make a new post on your blog which in my opinion should be everyday.

Feedback is always a great thing to see, so don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts. Until next time....

Click Here for Google

Click Here fpr Google Maps

I want to give some tips on Google maps. It is extremely important for you to get your business on there. One of the many perks is you can upload 5 videos of your services or products. All you do is go to youtube and upload you video there. Make sure the video clip is very entertaining and is around 30 seconds to a minute long. It also allows you to put your website and webpages (blog) along with a very detail list of your business. Stick to using valid tags; focus on something specific.

Click Here for MSN

Click Here for Yahoo

Click Here for Pingler

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