Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Beginning to Social Newtorking (2 of 5)

This one is a very quick and easy. Everyone has heard of and if you haven't then I am shocked. So lets get you started with facebook. An interesting fact, they have exceeded myspace as for their total members. I am not trying to bash myspace in fact the complete opposite, myspace has over 130 million users and that means that facebook has even more than that. So if you get where I am going with this; huge member based websites that you should be a part of. So for now I want you to get signed up to facebook and start growing your friendships in there.

It is real easy to sign up. All you do is visit and follow the steps to signing up. It will come to an option for you to let facebook access one of your email accounts. I suggest you do this feature because it will go through your contacts and find them on facebook for you or allow you to invite them. I have now given you stage 4 of 5 and remember that I am going backwards so it will all come together at the very end.

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