Friday, May 1, 2009

Shopping Cart Madness! TGIF

So check this out!!! I went to Walmart today to get my usual groceries...I have no shame at admitting the fact that I shop at Walmart. We are in a time were we need to be saving money and that store can save you money. Now just to let you know how I feel when it comes to shopping. There are hidden elements that everyone should follow, very simple ones. When you first enter the store you are given a privilege, the shopping cart is handed over to you from the cart specialist, also know as (the door greeter). When you are given something with wheels and there are others around you with the same need to follow the hidden rules.

Call me an extremist but I feel if everyone followed this, bad things wouldn't happen. You are probably asking yourself "what possibly bad could happen"? Oh boy, can I just give you a list of answers. So I am given the weapon and I start my journey through the store. I take my time doing the walk limit, no running like a crazy man. Putting my arm out when turning left or right, you know, to let the other people know what I am doing next. I never cut anyone off and I make sure to use the "Excuse Me Horn" when someone just leaves their "weapon" in the middle of the aisle.

So this is where things just get me scratching my head. Luckily I am a nice person and I usually will just blow things off with a good laugh, hahaha. Let me paint the picture for you. I am on the canned vegetable aisle and my "weapon" is properly parked right in front of me just like it should be. It is right up against the shelves so people can easily pass if need be. So I am in the emergency lane or as I like to call it "Tim's Zone" minding my own business just looking at the shelf trying to find green beans.

BAM...CRASH...BANG... at this point you are probably guessing that someone ran into my cart "weapon" with theirs. No, that would be to simple, instead to make things more interesting. I was reaching up to the very top shelf because of course that is where my green beans are hanging out, just having a good old beany time. So my arm is stretched to its furthest just about to grab the can and without notice I have a "weapon" (shopping cart) rammed into my side that then makes me collide into my nicely legally parked shopping cart. As the old lady looks at me and says "whoops".

Are you kidding me, no sorry, no excuse me horn, like what is that about. I'm telling you that I made sure to put my cart in 5Th gear and get out of that store before she did because I wasn't about to be driving on the same streets as her "whoops". Just in case you are wondering, my sides are fine, no x-rays were needed from the incident and I did not bother calling customer service to report the damage to my weapon.

Until Next Time,
God Bless,

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  1. I'm glad that you are a nice person and just got out of there. It is usually my sons that are crashing into me or into the pyramid of stacked cans and I have to leave due to embarrassment, not mine...theirs!


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