Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Beginning To Social Networking (5 of 5)

WoooHooo - we have made it to the final stage and now everything is going to connect and make sense. I mentioned facebook a couple of stages back and now I am going to tell you about myspace and why it is absolutely important for you to be on there.

There are some skeptics out there that feel myspace has lost its spunk or just isn't that great of a place to be "WRONG". Myspace is actually cleaning up their website and getting rid of the dirt. So go to and get yourself signed up. Real simple steps to follow and you will be on your way. Every site that I have told you to join allows you to upload a picture. I want you to use the same picture for every account so people can relate all the sites together.

Why is myspace so important to be on?

After joining their site you will have a friend by the name of Tom and he is the creator of the site. Well a good way to start meeting people is by visiting groups and forums that is in the website. These groups are categorized so it makes things real easy for you to find one that fits your hobbies or business. Join the groups and start talking to the other members. You will quickly start to grow your friendship and now you have contacts. You can send them private messages on new offers you may have on your website or a new service you are offering.

Meanwhile you have been growing your network with all these other websites. Here comes how you connect everyone of those; twitter has applications, which are in html and that allows you to put your twitter app. on all of these sites. So lets say you updated your blog and you want to let all of your networks know about it. Simply go to your twitter account and type in: Hey friend's I just posted a new blog, check it out at Now your twitter app. has been updated on all of the other websites that you put it on and those people can see what you are doing. Of course this works with everything, update your website,myspace or facebook and you can tell your entire network about it.

Here are my account names for you to start following me when you join these sites:

twitter - timbo8
myspace - tim clair
facebook - tim clair
you may find other people at that name but you will see my picture, hope to see you soon. Good Luck!

Well this brings our lesson to a close. I hope this was helpful and your feedback is always welcome.

Until Next Time,
God Bless,

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