Monday, February 23, 2009

Social Networking

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I would like to consider myself a social person. I have always been really good at meeting new people and starting up conversations. My downside has been following up and keeping in touch. For a business owner this is not a good thing. Follow ups are one of the many keys to running a successful business. So over the years I have worked on doing just that and with some help from my wonderful wife/betterhalf/V.P./bestfriend, well you get the point. I have truly become a better person. Most people in this world love human contact, it's what makes this world go round. The Internet has turned the whole contact thing into a far greater reach than man probably could have ever predicted.

Take business networking groups, you have all heard of them, they generate many leads and provide a way for you to brand your business. Most of them require a monthly or yearly subscription and have rules and guidelines to follow. This is an excellent way for you to promote your business locally. If you are some sort of service company or a brick and mortar this would be the best way to get your name out in the public eye. I would highly recommend you spend your marketing budget towards as many networking groups you can join but remember "Givers Gain", this is so true. If you have a large marketing budget, like in the millions, than go ahead and advertise everywhere, but if you are restricted than stick to the business networking groups. One of the largest groups to join and most professional is Business Network International (BNI) click here to visit there site and find one in your area.

Well here comes the Internet and it changes the whole format of networking. It doesn't change the concept or damage the idea of promoting your business. In fact just the opposite happens, you have been given a tool that supports your business and brings you in contact with individuals you would have never known existed. THAT IS STRONG..... For most of you, you sit back and think of ways to better promote yourself but never really do anything. Mainly because you don't give yourself the credit you deserve and realize that you can take this Internet by the horns and ride it for every penny. Sure you will hit speed bumps along the way but isn't that how we learn?

I just recently did a seminar on basic Internet socialization. When it was over and I started to be asked all the questions, I found myself thinking, wow there is a real need for Internet education. For the most of you reading this, you already have the necessary knowledge to move forward in the world of the Internet. Or do you? Well these individuals were in need and I felt great to be able to get them on the right path and be able to expand their business. Are you curious as to what we talked about? Well you can actually watch the seminar in segments and see just what I talked about. Go to Let me know what you think. Well I think I have said enough for today and maybe for this week.

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